~ You don’t own the machine ~ so you don’t worry about it ~

What does GEEX have that is a cut above the rest? Let’s see what kind of business you are –

New Start-Up

All new startups havebudget constraints. GEEX can help ease the pain. Here’s how –

  • Latest technology with super low capital outlay

  • Explore new technology before investing

  • Complete hand-holding support – including installation and training

  • Keep the taxman at bay – lease fees are tax-deductible>

  • Get equipment from top brands

  • Full manufacturer’s warranty – usually 12 months

  • Option for peace-of-mind with GEEX support & warranty or purchase of support hours when needed

  • No burden of obsolescence.

  • Option to Own, Return, or Upgrade

Established small business

It’s raining customers and you need better IT. GEEX brings you just that – and a bit more –

  • Trade in – or scrap – old equipment for new

  • Full support for equipment you own, lease, or purchase

  • Access to cutting edge technology at low cost

  • One stop shop for equipment, software, networking, telephony and everything else

  • No IT scrapping costs – ever

  • Pay lower taxes – deduct your leasing expenses form your taxable income

  • First chance at experimenting with latest technology for 24 months before purchasing

  • Complete hand-holding for all IT needs

  • Equipment from top brands with full manufacturer’s warranty in addition to GEEX support

  • Option to own or return

  • Option to upgrade after 2 years


Hung up your own shingle? Dentist, Lawyer or Accountant – you’ll find it hard to fund your IT and operations yet stay within budget.

Call GEEX – this is what you will get –

  • The power of Apple – MacBook Pro or any other Apple device – complete with Apple Warranty, GEEX support, and Apple trained engineers to help you

  • Trade in your old machine for a newer and better laptop or desktop

  • Accessories for your laptop or desktop – bundled into the lease or singly.

  • Zero maintenance – apart from what you pay for the lease

  • Zero obsolescence cost or worries.

  • Opportunity to experiment with new technology

  • Tax benefit on leasing costs – its deductible

  • Complete hand-holding from GEEX – think of us as your IT department

  • Equipment from the best brands – Apple, HP, Microsoft – you name it

  • Support and maintenance for IT equipment you already own – or purchase in future

  • Bespoke deals to suit your specific requirements

  • Option to purchase, return, or upgrade

Larger business

IT costs are probably eating up your operations and marketing budget? Call GEEX for low cost equipment, which you can keep, upgrade or return later.

  • Equipment – laptops, desktops, mobile devices, printers, and more – at low costs – starting from £1.99 per week

  • Standard manufacturer’s warranty on all equipment in addition to complete GEEX support

  • Option to purchase at the end of the lease – it can be as low as £1.00.

  • Option to upgrade

  • Option return and take a new lease

  • Option to get rid of the equipment entirely

  • Tax benefits – ask your Tax Man

Want a Throw-In? Take your pick –

  • Data Storage and Recovery

  • Complete network security

  • Complete IT infrastructure

  • Cloud storage, sharing and management

  • Virtual desktops

  • Complete connectivity solutions including leased lines, wireless networking, and virtualization

  • Vulnerability and penetration testing

  • Cyber Security Solutions including GDPR compliance and Cyber Essentials certification

  • VOIP and other Telephony solutions

Can’t Find What You Were Looking For?

Call us on 0121 285 0098 and let us know – we have bespoke services too.