Benefits Of Computer Leasing

Computer equipment in a business is part of the furniture and even today most companies are opting to buy their equipment outright instead of leasing.  However when one of our GEEX sales staff explain the benefits of leasing and how simple it is, customers are asking us why they did not do this sooner.

The key advantages and benefits of leasing are:

  • Fixed Payments - Leasing allows you to effectively manage your finances. Your monthly repayments are fixed so you know exactly what your monthly lease costs will be, thus allowing you to budget far more effectively.

  • Get it now - Leasing allows you to use the equipment that your business needs without having to spend months saving up to buy it.

  • Get what you need - By leasing you can obtain better equipment. The latest technology that once seemed unaffordable can now be installed in your business generating greater returns for you.

  • Easy Budgeting - Conserving your capital is a key advantage of leasing.  By not taking money out of your business it allows you to use this money for other activities such as marketing or recruitment.

  • Protect Banks Lines - When leasing your computer equipment you are not affecting your other streams of credit. Overdrafts and alike will not be impacted on.

  • Leasing is 100% tax efficient - You can offset all of your lease costs against your taxable income for the year.

  • Avoid Obsolescence - With computer leasing, you can upgrade or change your equipment or software between 18 or 24 month, so avoiding obsolescence, and always having todays equipment working for you means working more profitably and efficiently.

  • Warranty – The equipment you have on lease is covered by a warranty.

Three Easy Steps To Leasing With Geex

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