Benefits of Leasing

Benefits of Leasing with GEEX

Apart from the usual benefits such as tax deductions and the opportunity to explore new technology, leasing has a distinct edge over renting or purchasing equipment. Let us take a look:

Capital Outlay HeavyModerateLow
Flexibility NoneModerateHigh
Recurring Costs NoneSmallSmall
Warranty ManufacturerManufacturer with 2 support options Manufacturer with 2 support options
Support By purchasing support Ad-hoc or Under the all-inclusive GEEX SupportAd-hoc or Under the all-inclusive GEEX Support
Cost of Upgrades HighNoneNone
Ownership CompleteTemporaryPartial
Budget Friendly YesYesYes
Tax Efficient NoYesYes
Obsolescence Cost HeavyNoneNone