Upgrade, Renewal Of All Apple,Computer,Laptop Leasing Products

The technology needs within any business environment are constantly changing and future demands are hard to predict. Increasing constraints on IT Budgets also mean that financial resources are needing to be stretched even further.

As a result, businesses are having to find new ways to make the most of their small budgets. GEEX offer a flexible and alternative approach to financing your entire I.T requirements, enabling you to maintain, upgrade and build on your existing equipment.


A GEEX lease allows a business to renew or upgrade their equipment after 24 months on all Apple equipment and 18 months on all PC equipment. A member of our GEEX renewals team will contact you at the stage you are due a renewal and provide you with a renewal option. The option will include a quotation for you to update your equipment to a newer updated version of your current equipment and keep hold of your old equipment for a new monthly cost. The remaining rentals from your old lease would be incorporated within the cost of the new lease and spread across the new three year lease term. With Apple equipment, the renewal option would also include a quote for the business to trade in the old equipment and have a decrease in the lease costs.

A renewal can be as flexible as it needs to be in that if you started off with a lease for 2 desktops for £30 a month and after 20 months your business has grown and you require 2 new laptops. GEEX would supply you with 2 new laptops for £28.00 a month and allow you to keep hold of your old desktops (Similar to how a mobile phone contract works). The business would then be free to sell the desktops if needed. GEEX would then offer the same renewal options again after 18 months.

A GEEX lease allows businesses to renew from PC to Apple and vice versa. There truly are no barriers in what you can get with your GEEX Lease.

Three Easy Steps To Leasing With Geex

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