Easy and simple to manage, GEEX VoIP allows you to stay in control from wherever you are. 

Simply log in via the online portal on any internet connected device to manage features such as call routing and hunt groups. You can even tailor the functionality quickly and easily by adding call features for users when needed.

With the extensive range of features GEEX VoIP offers there is no need to worry about missing functionality that is part of legacy physical phone systems.

  • Secure – built-in business continuity and disaster recovery with call re-routing
  • Best pricing – easy monthly budgeting with generous monthly call bundle
  • Cloud ready – with features you can set up and manage within the cloud
  • No Hardware – complete PBX functionality without the expensive hardware
  • Expertise – More than 80 sites already implemented who are using the GEEX VoIP System
  • Best Handsets – Our standard device provides HD communications and all handsets are offered on lease or purchase