The way we work has changed – and is continuing to change. Employees have much more freedom as to where and when they work than they’ve ever had before. While this is great for them, it can be a serious headache for you when it comes down to managing your office’s mobile devices. We’re talking all the tech that’s used off-site such as laptops, work mobiles, and tablets.

Let us implement a mobile device management (MDM) solution for you and you’ll be able to stop this headache in its tracks. With the GEEX team on side, you’ll have a mobile device management system that will give you full control of all of your business’s devices that are on the network.

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Mobile Device Management System

With an MDM in place, there’s no guesswork. From now on, you’re in charge of how your company’s devices are used. You can make sure they’re used for work business only, and be confident that all of these devices are kept up to date with security and antivirus software. When we put in place an MDM for you, you’ll benefit from a range of services. We will create and maintain user agreements such as ‘terms of use’ templates, set up user policies, permissions and restrictions regarding security. We’ll also ensure a message and command system is in operation for your mobile devices so that you can quickly send messages, easily locate devices, and wipe devices when needed.

With the modern way of working, we believe mobile device management is a must for businesses. It still gives your workforce the freedom to work remotely, but allows you to remain in control, up to speed, and in the know too.

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