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When you need to speak to someone regularly it can be frustrating if you have to go through the same rigmarole of pressing ‘5’ to speak to reception every time you call. There’s the annoying hold music, the constant ‘will they/won’t they?’ pick up the phone, and let’s not forget the wait time.

We hate it when it happens to us, so that’s why we’ve made sure it doesn’t happen when you ring GEEX with a specific IT problem. With our dedicated IT Help Desk, as a client, you get a direct line number you can dial to speak to our IT engineers. It’s a single point of contact so it cuts time when you need to report any issues.

Our IT Help Desk is in operation during office hours and you can get in touch with the team here either by phone, email, or through our chat facility. By giving you – our customers – this dedicated service, we’re able to help keep our response times low and get problems resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

IT Help Desk
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How We Will Support You

How We Will Support You

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While we’re sure you’ll find that with the GEEX technical team delivering your IT support, any issues you may have with your tech will be minimised, it’s always good to have a backup. Whether you need assistance with setting up a new user, or you need to get a deleted file recovered, our IT Help Desk should be your first port of call.

When you decide to use GEEX to deliver your IT support, we’ll provide you with all the information you need about how to contact our IT Help Desk should you need to. And if problems can’t be ironed out remotely, then one of the GEEX team will come in to assist you.

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