Hardware Disposal

You wouldn’t dump your credit cards and banking details in your household bin for anyone to root through, so don’t do it with your old IT equipment either.

We offer a hardware disposal solution that will ensure all of your old IT gear is disposed of safely, securely, and responsibly.

At GEEX, we make sure the way we dispose of your hardware keeps in line with guidelines set by WEEE and ADISA, so you can rest assured that we’re doing things the right way. Whether you’ve got old desktops, photocopiers, or servers to get rid of, let us do this for you. The GEEX hardware disposal service will allow you to focus on other aspects of your business, whilst we deal with the tech you’ve grown out of. By getting rid of your old tech through GEEX, you’ll create space in your office, be doing it in an environmentally friendly manner, and we’ll give you documentation and certification once the process has been completed.

IT & Computer Hardware Disposal Service

We Can Help Dispose of Your Hardware Safety

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IT Hardware Disposal

IT Hardware Disposal

In terms of security, you needn’t worry. We guarantee that our hardware disposal service is done in such a way that none of your old data will be left for anyone to discover. All of your data and information will be destroyed from your old device never to be seen again.

The GEEX team will sort out collection and destruction of the IT tech you want to get rid of, and ensure any bits that can be recycled get recycled. Once the whole thing has been completed, we’ll give you WEEE documentation, a report detailing the assets, and a certificate showing that all data has been erased.

The process is simple, straightforward, and minimal hassle for you.

So, if you’d like to find out more about our hardware disposal service, simply get in touch with GEEX today and we’ll be able to provide you with further information.