So why choose a wireless network? Firstly there’s the cost. When it comes to installing a wireless network to your business, you’ll find that it’s a relatively inexpensive procedure. Secondly, it’s also much, much faster than setting up a wired network. That’s because less equipment is needed, and there’s no need to connect every single device on the network by using Ethernet cables.

At GEEX, we believe that it’s the flexibility and mobility that a wireless network brings, that is the biggest benefit for you and your workforce. By going wireless, you create a more flexible working environment where your staff can be more mobile. With a wireless network they can simply connect to the network wherever they happen to be, and with whatever wireless-enabled device they have access to at the time. No wires, no cables, no hassle.

Are you considering moving your business’s outdated wired network to a modern and efficient wireless network?At GEEX we can make the move for you.

Wireless Network Services

If you’re considering moving to a wireless network, let GEEX do this for you. We’ll create a bespoke wireless network system for your business. From the start, we’ll be looking at just what your business needs – so we’ll devise, design, and install a WiFi set-up that’s perfect for you.

Once you’re up and running, we’ll stick by you to ensure everything’s going smoothly by managing your new wireless network for you. This means your time won’t be taken up dealing with IT, but instead, it will be freed up to tackle day to day business operations, or plan for future growth.

Get In Touch With Our Technical Support Team

With the trusted GEEX team on your side offering ongoing IT support, your wireless network will run like a dream. Get in touch with us today to find out more.