GEEX Warranty and Support


All IT equipment comes with a standard warranty from the manufacturer. At GEEX, we complement this with additional support for hardware as well as software.

Standard Warranty

This warranty comes directly from the manufacturer of the equipment you lease. In case of any malfunctioning during the warranty period (duration of warranty is specific to each item), you will need to contact the manufacturer directly.

GEEX has your back though – you can still contact us for support by purchasing support hours to resolve any issues you may have.

GEEX Support & Warranty – What is it?

The GEEX Support and Warranty option makes sure your hardware, operating system and first-party applications software are all covered for the entire duration of your lease with GEEX.  The support option comes packaged with a replacement for any malfunctioning equipment we need to ship away from your premises for repair. The replacement will be shipped to and from your premises – for the time we need to repair the malfunctioning equipment – at no extra cost. We will also help with transition from one machine to the other so that your business continues to function seamlessly.

You get this entire bundle of peace for a very low weekly price from GEEX.

Is the GEEX Support and Warranty for you?

  • Quick service – either over telephone, online – or scheduled planned site visits*
  • No Courier Charges (Mainland UK) for the entire duration of the lease
  • Hardware support including help desk diagnosis and quick fixes for faulty equipment.
  • Complete software support for the duration of the lease, not just for the first 90 days, including support on device-specific wireless issues and first-party apps.
  • Unlimited Support available 8:30 AM until 5:30 PM Monday – Friday – You can also contact us outside of these times – just ask when you sign up for the package.
  • Dedicated email and telephone number to report a fault with unlimited remote support
  • Access to our online support portal to track progress of your faulty equipment from raising a query to completion
  • Qualified & Trained team of experts with – Apple and Microsoft trained engineers along with others.  

You get all of this at a low cost, which works out better than just getting hardware support from the equipment manufacturer.

What makes it so great?


   • We believe in providing all-round holistic solutions to our customers for all equipment they lease from us.

    • We believe in providing value to our customers – not just equipment but comprehensive support and warranty too.

    • Unlike most providers, the GEEX support and warranty covers parts and labour charges so you never pay a penny more than your weekly subscription.

    • We enhance the manufacturer’s warranty – taking service to the next step – by providing both hardware as well as software support including wireless connectivity.

    • We tailor the lease to the specific requirements of your business giving you much needed peace of mind and freedom to focus on your core competencies.

    • The GEEX support and warranty package provides wholesome all round support for all your IT needs.

Difference between Standard Warranty and GEEX Warranty / Support


At GEEX we believe in complete transparency as such it is important to distinguish between warranties and support –terms that are often confused – and what you can expect under each –

CriteriaStandard WarrantyGEEX Support and Warranty
What it isA promise by the manufacturer that the product will work as advertised for a certain period. (Usually 12 Months)An agreement to maintain and repair the equipment and software for the duration of the lease (1 to 3 years)
Who can Provide itManufacturerGEEX
What you getEnsures that you get a fully functional product with the assurance that if something goes wrong during the period of warranty (usually 1 year), it will be fixed at no additional cost.Assurance that you will always have help when you need it if your IT equipment malfunctions and is available for the whole duration of the lease – Hardware or Software – at no extra cost other than your weekly subscription.

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