Why Choose GEEX?


Fair enough! There is no dearth of providers out there. So, here’s why we feel GEEX is the right choice for you!

GEEX dates back to the early nineties when we were just a tiny operation working out of a garage in West Midlands and providing IT support to local SMBs. Our passion for everything tech drove us to morph into a complete IT support and leasing company and we opened up satellite offices in London and Manchester.

Of late our basket of services have been overflowing and we have expanded further providing a lot more service and support to our customer base. Take a look at the services we offer and what our clients have to say about us. 

We understand what technology means for your business


The world has moved forward by leaps and bounds as far as technology is concerned – from the days of Graham Bell and Charles Babbage we are now moving rapidly towards IoT and robotics. In fact, both these technologies are already in use though not extensively.

Unlike the customer of yesteryear, the millennial customer demands everything at their fingertips and we betide any business that cannot meet this demand. In this scenario, no business can survive without a full technological set-up. 

While there are many who will provide you with a complete set-up for a very low price, this does not include complete support. God forbid if your set-up happens to fail at any point, the ramifications of this can spread throughout your business, bringing things to a crunching stop and costing you heavily in terms of loss of profits, customers, and business.

At GEEX, we provide a complete handholding solution for all your IT needs. We believe in providing complete end-to-end services to all our customers. Our aim is to maximize the performance and functionality of your systems, equipment, and software. Be it obsolescence, breakdown, loss of connectivity, or a simple trip-up, you will always find GEEX by your side ensuring that your business continues to function seamlessly with minimum downtime.

GEEX specializes in providing end-to-end leasing solutions – though we provide bespoke IT services too. We will set up your entire IT department with complete connectivity, supply all the equipment and software you need, and even train your staff. All this can come bundled with a standard manufacturer’s warranty or our amazing GEEX handholding support.

To understand how our lease works visit our GEEX Lease or GEEX Rental page.

So what happens when something breaks down?

All our lease agreements can come inclusive of –

  • A 3-year hardware warranty and support
  • A 3-year telephone and remote help-desk support for both hardware and software
  • A dedicated email and helpline number
  • A site visit if necessary
  • Shipping of faulty equipment from your premises – for repair – and back
  • A temporary replacement for your faulty equipment during the time needed for repair
  • Shipping of replacement to your premises
  • Support for transition to and from the replacement equipment
  • 3-year care for all APPLE products by Apple trained and qualified engineers
  • 3-year care for all Microsoft product by Microsoft trained and qualified engineers 
  • Option to renew from 24 months on to a new lease 
  • Option to purchase for as little as £1.00 at the end of the lease 
  • Option to upgrade to a newer and better equipment 24 months into the lease
  • Continued support – for a monthly subscription – after you exercise the purchase or renewal option 
  • Minimum lead time for delivery whether it is a new lease, replacement, or upgrade
  • Complete networking solutions including cyber-security


GEEX believes in going the extra mile and providing quality service to its clients and customers.

  • No Daily Rentals

    Unlike other providers, GEEX does not charge daily rentals for leased equipment. This means we do not charge from the day of the lease until the day of the first repayment.  
  • Single Window Service

    The term may perhaps be outdated but it is nonetheless valid. GEEX offers you single window service to all your business needs be it Finance, telephony, IT equipment, software, networking, or any other service.
  • Authorized Resellers

    GEEX has been selling and leasing equipment for more than a decade. We have established good relations with top equipment manufacturers like Apple, Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo, Microsoft, and many more.  
  • The GDPR and Cyber Essentials Edge

    GEEX is GDPR compliant and Cyber Essentials certified which means our own system is secure from cyber-attacks. We can help our clients become similarly certified and compliant helping them to secure their network and systems – whether or not leased from us.  
  • The Quarterly Payment Advantage

    If your lease commencement date happens to be in the middle of a quarter, you get the equipment for that quarter completely free. For example, let’s say you lease a MacBook Air on the 12th January. You can enjoy your MacBook Air completely free of cost for 3 months – until the 1st of April when your first payment becomes due.    
  • Helping Startups

    We appreciate the difficulties faced by startups not just with IT but in other areas too – such as financing, registration and so forth. For this reason, we provide a tangential service especially for startups wherein we help them with registration and other processes as well as aid in sourcing finance along with providing complete IT for the business.  

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