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When you’re running a business it can be a serious juggling act looking after every element, and more often than not, something always gets forgotten about. Don’t let it be your IT backup solution. If you’re considering offsite backup as a way to keep your business’s vital data safe and recoverable, then let GEEX sort it out for you.

Our off-site cloud-based solutions are a great way to ensure your data is safe and recoverable should anything disastrous happen. Whether it occurs because of human error, an incident of theft, or a fire in the building, it doesn’t matter – with our offsite backup service, your data will be there to access when you’re ready.

Secure Offsite Data Backup Software

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Offsite Data Backup Software

Offsite Data Backup Software

Our offsite backup service is run through the cloud, and once you decide this service is right for you, you’ll enjoy a cost-effective monthly subscription package. This method of payment suits all types of businesses from small to large. Unlike onsite data services, this system requires no big financial outlay at the start – that’s because there’s no costly hardware or software to purchase. Choosing a cloud-based offsite backup service means no unexpected costs and an easy way to manage payments.

The GEEX team is highly skilled at setting up businesses with offsite backup solutions and we’ve done it for numerous companies. These companies now enjoy peace of mind when it comes to keeping their data backed up and restored. If you’d like to enjoy the same feeling, then please give us a call today to find out how we can help. One of our friendly team will be able to talk you through your options and give you further information to help you choose the right backup service for you.

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