Are you looking for a cost-effective way to ensure your business is kept safe, secure, and backed-up should the worst-case scenario happen? The GEEX cloud recovery service is the answer.

Cloud Data Storage

With our cloud recovery service on your side, you don’t need to worry when something goes drastically wrong. Obviously no one longs to get the phone call telling them their business has burned down to the ground, or that all of the company’s laptops have been stolen. However, if you’ve got the GEEX cloud recovery system in place then, every cloud has a silver lining. That’s because, thanks to automated backups, all of your critical data, network configurations, email, and applications will have been saved and backed-up virtually in the cloud.

Whether you’re a small business with just a few people on the payroll, or a major corporation with multiple sites, we can help ensure your data is safe and ready to access should the worst happen.

Geex Cloud Recover Service Could Help Save your Business

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We run our cloud recovery service by way of a flexible monthly subscription service that we can tailor to you. That means it’s cost-effective and affordable for small and big businesses alike. There’s no massive financial outlay at the front – as there is with traditional hardware and software backup solutions, and you won’t need continual staff training in order to use it. Your cloud recovery service will run ‘behind the scenes’ while you get on with focusing on running your business. It’s like a little helping hand that you know you can call on should you ever need it. Which means it’s great for giving you peace of mind.

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At GEEX, we think you’ll love our cloud recovery service and the benefits it will bring you. To talk to us more about it, or bring us onboard to assist your business with a switch, please pick up the phone and call us.