Network Penetration Testing

Looking after your network and making sure it’s secure is like looking after your home. You wouldn’t go out and leave a ground floor window wide open, so neither should you publish a vulnerability and leave it unpatched. The more time you leave a weak spot accessible, the more time and opportunity there is for cyber crime to strike.

If you want to make sure your network is as secure from potential threats as possible, let us conduct a network penetration test (or pen test) for you. Our skilled team of engineers will be able to spot and identify any configuration holes in your network that may allow hackers to gain easy access to your information.

Network Penetration Testing

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etwork penetration testing

During your network penetration testing, the GEEX team will conduct a thorough check to make sure everything’s as tight as it can be. We’ll be looking for weaknesses in hardware configuration, security systems, and poor system configuration boundaries, plus –

  • Location of malware
  • Weak passwords
  • Unpatched systems
  • Unsecured sensitive data

During a network penetration test, the GEEX team will perform legal exploits on your computer network to prove and highlight that potential security threats are real and could happen. By putting ourselves in the shoes of a hacker, we’re able to identify areas of vulnerability so that we can then fix them and make your network as impenetrable as possible.

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If you’re looking for tech experts to help ensure your confidential data is kept confidential, and your network stays strong, get in touch with us today. Our network penetration testing will give you peace of mind, and allow you to focus on business whilst knowing that your network is safe and secure.