Cyber Essentials Certification

Whether you’re running a small start-up company or you’re in charge of a multinational corporation, staying safe from cyber threats should be a priority. Hackers don’t discriminate – they’ll target you whether you’re a small organisation or a large one. That’s because, if they find a loophole in your network security, chances are they’ll take advantage.

With that in mind, it’s wise to consider our Cyber Essentials certification. It’s a Government-backed scheme that our team of GEEX experts can guide you through. Once completed, you’ll have all the basics in place to ensure your business is protected from the most common form of cyber attacks.

Cyber Essentials Certification
Prove that You Operate in a Safe and Secure Fashion

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Cyber Essentials Certification

Not only is it a great way to make sure your business is secure from internet-based cyber attacks, it’s also a fantastic way to prove to the people who come into contact with your business (your customers and investors for instance) that you are serious about operating in as secure a fashion as possible.

If you’d like to achieve your Cyber Essentials certification with GEEX then you’ll be in safe hands from the start. We’ll start off by putting everything in place to ensure your organisation is ready for the certification process. Before you begin with the certificate, the GEEX team will conduct vulnerability testing, remote patch management, and advanced threat protection on your network. We’ll then deliver your Cyber Essentials certification onsite. Once you’ve completed the programme and passed, you’ll be able to display the Cyber Essentials logo across your documents – proving to your customers that cyber security is a priority of yours.

If you’d like to find out more about the GEEX Cyber Essentials certification, and how it can benefit your business, please get in touch with us today and we’ll talk you through the process.