For a business to be effective and efficient, you absolutely need to have effective and powerful business computer equipment. 

Leasing business equipment enables you to have much greater flexibility in terms of payment, easier upgrades down the line and a number of other financial benefits, ultimately increasing the effectiveness of your business. Rather than spending a lump sum buying your equipment outright or getting tied into a rigid instalment plan, computer leasing may very well be the best option for you. Deciding to lease laptops for business also means that your performance is optimised because your technology is always up to date. You never have to worry that your business is being run on out-of-date computers or is lagging behind your competitors in terms of its technological capabilities. A lease agreement with our technology leasing companies, GEEX, can last anything from two to five years – whatever is most appropriate to your specific business needs – and business PC rental payments can be made either monthly or quarterly, via direct debit, with the first payment taken from your account only once all of your equipment is in place and working for you, and a settling-in period of 7-10 days has passed.

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It is with all of this in mind that more and more UK businesses are choosing to lease all of their IT and computer equipment. Not just desktop computers and workstations, but also laptops and tablets and even software, servers and printers. Models range from top-of-the-range tablets like the iPad 2 or the Microsoft Surface to the best in desktop technology from companies such as Dell, HP, Fujitsu, Lenovo and Acer, to the latest innovations from Apple, from the paper-thin MacBook Air to the 27″ screen Retina iMac. All available with GEEX flexible leases.

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If you decide to lease your business equipment, you will be joining the ranks of countless UK companies, small and start up businesses deciding that leasing makes more sense in terms of finance, flexibility and support. Indeed, support is one of the big advantages that leasing computer equipment has over buying. When you lease from GEEX, you can rest easy knowing you have a team of computer support professionals standing by. Plus, as well as remote support and a Support Help-desk, all GEEX computers and other IT equipment are leased with 3-year inclusive hardware warranty that comes as standard, including all labour and parts. Business equipment leasing is an increasingly popular method of financing a company’s IT expenditure. Many small businesses are finding that paying nothing up front and then paying one pre-determined, never-changing sum each month is a much more manageable way of keeping up-to-date with their systems of communication, business applications and data networks. 

In a survey carried out by the Equipment Leasing Association, having no nasty surprises in terms of sudden financial outlay caused by techno-crisis was the second-highest benefit of leasing. Business equipment leasing is good for both small businesses and large businesses alike. It is also particularly helpful for schools, who may need to preserve capital and spread the costs of their IT equipment over painlessly long periods. All in all, leasing your business computer equipment could be the transformation your business has been waiting for.

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