Online Data Backup

None of us ever plans for failure, but sometimes these things happen – no matter how hard we try to avoid them. If you’ve ever lost important data and you had no backup file, you’ll know how essential it is to make sure it doesn’t happen again. That’s where the IT experts at GEEX can help. With our online data backup service we give your business an ultra-dependable solution to ensure any critical data is accessible for instant restore should something go wrong.

The GEEX online data backup service will be there for you should any emergency happen with your IT system – whether that’s through data corruption, loss, or an operational crisis for instance. Should the worst happen, and you’ve got our online data backup service in place then you’ll be able to recover them.

Online Data Backup Services
Backing Up Data Is Essential for Any Business

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Online Data Backup for Small Business

Online Data Backup for Small Business

You’re probably thinking this sort of thing comes at a cost. However, because this is a cloud-based service this simply isn’t the case. Ensuring your business has an online data backup service isn’t expensive because you don’t need to fork out on costly hardware or software. It’s so cost effective we are certain that even smaller businesses will find it within reach.

The GEEX online data backup service is buildable, so you can tailor it to your needs and choose the level of backup you require. Once you’re up and running you’ll enjoy a regular monthly subscription service (with no hidden costs), you’ll be able to archive files to free up space, restore information from anywhere – should the worst happen, and enjoy a reliable, private and highly secure service.

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