Apple, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft and the likes of them not only offer a wide range of equipment but are constantly working to make their products better by listening to their consumers and endeavouring to meet their demands. Take for example the MacBook Air – with a new model released every year and often twice a year.

Purchasing every new product may – understandably – not be feasible for your business and not upgrading is akin to remaining a step or two behind the competition. In addition, you will surely need more than one machine for even a medium-sized business.

This is true, not just of the MacBook Air but other laptops, computers, and other IT equipment too. IT leasing brings you the ideal solution to this dilemma.

Get a helping hand from GEEX

So, if you are looking for a MacBook Air or other laptops, computers, printers, copiers and the like to kit out your office or a personal PC for home use, or even a small laptop for your home business, leasing is the way to go.

At GEEX we do not even ask for an upfront payment – in fact, we cover the last bit of the current quarter completely free. GEEX offers you laptops, desktops, tablets, printers, copiers, leased lines, and much more at affordable prices giving you the peace of mind that you need to focus on your business operations without having to worry about costs, scrapping, and fault fixing – three major worries with all IT equipment.

Not Yet Convinced?

Here are some more reasons why leasing is the best option as far as your IT equipment is concerned – just ask your finance and IT teams.

  • Manufacturer’s Warranty is Limited

    Sure enough, all manufacturers provide a standard warranty for all their products. However, these warranties usually run only for the first year and only have limited coverage – some specific parts or components may be excluded. GEEX Leasing – under its support and warranty contract – offers much more than the manufacturer’s warranty though you will still get that with every product. We offer you a complete package including support for the entire duration of the lease and cover parts, labor, and first-party apps along with the desktop, laptop, MacBook or other equipment. Admittedly, some IT companies do offer finance but the cost is usually steep and the offer usually runs only for a year with a limited scope. At GEEX, we offer 1, 2, and 3-year lease options with complete end-to-end support for the equipment.        

  • On Going Support

    While all new equipment comes with a new warranty, our ongoing support never ends – you simply transition from the old contract to a new one with continued support for all your equipment – new or old. We lease to all types of businesses as well as professionals – be they sole traders, Limited companies, Partnerships, joint ventures, schools, or other organizations. In our experience, most prefer to upgrade to newer equipment every 2 years – because that is how long – according to them – it takes any new computer to become obsolete. Some even choose to upgrade as early as 18 months while others prefer to purchase the equipment for a marginal cost and give it to their family members and friends to use.

  • Free Upgrades

    If you were to scrap your laptops, desktops, and other IT equipment in exchange for newer ones, vendors would probably offer you a small discount in exchange. However, the amount is minuscule in comparison with the amount you need to invest in every new purchase – did we tell you this could happen as often as every 6 months to a year?   Of course, you could try and sell it yourself but think of the bother of arranging the sale – and how many takers do you think you would get? At GEEX, we offer free upgrades 2 years into the lease – for every piece of IT equipment leased from GEEX – at only a marginally higher price. This means you can continue to function seamlessly without worrying about the logistics of hunting for the best scrap deal, looking for the best buy deal – you may not get both in the same place – transporting the old and new machines and juggling your budget to lay out the capital required for each new purchase.  

  • No Transition Blues

    Moving from an older model computer, desktop, or laptop, to a newer one is not as easy as it sounds – and no, we are not talking about the logistics. It involves integrating the new machine into your network, porting all your data – this can be huge – from the old machine to the new one, training your staff in the use of the new features, adapting the data & apps to new formats, and a whole lot more. The GEEX team helps you with all this each time you opt to upgrade to a new machine at no extra cost. Our team provides complete end-to-end support solutions for all your IT needs.              

  • Better Options

    Ownership may be a more attractive option but considering the amount of upfront investment and the frequency with which you need to upgrade, leasing works better. Besides, you can put the cash to better use elsewhere. Leasing is a tiny drop in the ocean compared to the cost of purchase and brings with it a lot of options. You can continue to use the equipment by simply renewing your contract, upgrading to a newer model, purchasing the equipment for as little as £1.00, or returning the equipment to us, apart from complete hand-holding by a trained and experienced team of IT professionals.      

  • Keep The Taxman at Bay

    Well, of course, that is not possible – or you would not be in business! Moreover, if you are fortunate enough not to be paying taxes, you probably have capital blues.   Either way, the payment you make for leasing your IT equipment is a tax-deductible expense, which means saving pounds – not shillings – in addition to cutting down your capital outlay. IT’s a win-win situation don’t you think?


Okay, so this new release has all the good things that reviewers talk about on YouTube and write about in blogs. However, if you are the kind that thinks seeing is believing – we certainly are – then you would be itching to get your hands on every new laptop, desktop, or other computer or IT equipment the moment you hear about it.

Leasing gives you the chance to do just that. It’s just not feasible to purchase every new machine that comes on the market – even if you get an excellent exchange offer, but with leasing, you can get your hands on every new computer that comes on the market simply by making a regular weekly payment – which increases only about every 2 years – to GEEX.

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