Who Are GEEX? Experts in Apple,Laptop,Computer Leases/IT Support

GEEX can trace its routes back to a small garage in the West Midlands, over 12 years ago, when it first started to provide IT support solutions to local businesses. As the business grew, a successful leasing service was added to complement the existing services.

Based in Birmingham with satellite offices in Manchester and London , GEEX is run by a team who is inspired by the ever changing technology that is developed by the likes of Apple, HP and Lenovo.

Whilst this new technology can be fun and exciting, it is often essential to your business and expensive. Our GEEX team will develop a solution that allows your business to solve its IT equations in an affordable manner. Whether its utilising one of our low monthly lease deals, with its 3 year warranty and support, to fund your new equipment, or you simply need a support contract for existing machinery, we have the solution for you.

Regardless of whether you are a staunch Apple Mac user, passionate about PC’s, or even considering moving from PC to Mac, our GEEX team are here to help solve all of your purchase and support issues.

We are constantly researching the market to understand the new technologies that manufactures are producing.  This knowledge allows us to work with you to implement and maintain the technology that your business needs.

So if your business has a particular IT equation that needs solving give our GEEX team a call on 0121 285 0098 or email us info@mygeex.co.uk

Three Easy Steps To Leasing With Geex

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