IT Support Packages

Our bespoke, tailored-to-your-business IT support packages are just the thing to ensure your business tech runs smoothly, effectively, and efficiently. It’s as simple as that.

Think of your tech as you would yourself. Your IT systems aren’t going to function and fulfil their complete potential if they’re just left on their own and forgotten about. Like you, they need support, regular checks, and a little maintenance. While you can enjoy a spot of yoga and a smoothie, your tech can enjoy a GEEX support package – it brings out the best.

Whether you’re a small business on the up, or a market leading company with multiple sites, a GEEX IT support package will keep the tech side of your business at the top of its game.

Let us manage everything from software updates to patch management. We can provide scheduled, and planned maintenance at off-peak hours so they don’t affect your business, and we can be on hand remotely – or at your offices – depending what your business needs.

IT Support Packages
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Our IT support packages focus on a number of tech issues, but can include the following –

  • Scheduled, preventative maintenance
  • Managed Antivirus software
  • Licence and asset management
  • Offsite and onsite support
  • Patch management
Our IT Support Packages Really are Built Around You…

We appreciate not every business is the same. Perhaps you just need a little extra help to support your existing IT department during busy times – we can help. Want a fully-managed IT support package to take away the hassle and stress from yourself? It’s what we do best. Need a package that offers a little more flexibility? Just give us a call and we’ll be able to talk through your requirements.

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