Get ready to reset your stress levels to zero. Forget the rush of panic when you accidently delete a file, the fear when you realise your laptop and all its contents has been stolen, or the absolute chaos you’d feel should your business suffer from a break-in, or a fire that damages all your tech. Forget it all, because – thanks to the GEEX cloud-based disaster recovery and backup software – you’re in safe hands.

When you use a cloud-based system to store your data, you’re creating virtual copies of them. With our disaster recovery and backup solution you’ll be able to safeguard your important data and get up and running again with minimal hassle. It’s a cost-effective and super-reliable service that ensures your files, data, and information is all backed up and ready to be accessed from your virtual cloud-based network should anything go seriously wrong.

We Can Help you Recover and Back Up Your Data

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Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

The GEEX team will help you protect and secure your daily operations with our disaster recovery and backup service. What’s more, if you’re currently using an outdated method of disaster recovery and you’d like to make the switch to our new cloud-based service, then we can implement that for you and get things switched over.

This new way of ensuring your data, network configuration, email communications, and applications are recovered and backed-up, comes with further benefits of flexible monthly subscription options, and no need for continuing staff training as it simple and easy to use. Automated backups and recovery occur routinely, so you don’t need to worry about remembering to do them yourself.

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