Hosted Microsoft Exchange

The way we work has changed considerably over the past few decades. These days, we no longer have to be office based to get things done – and that’s thanks to the likes of Hosted Microsoft Exchange.

With Hosted Microsoft Exchange you can access your emails – and all of the other Exchange tools such as calendar, contacts, and public folders – from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. That’s because Hosted Microsoft Exchange is run from the cloud. So why do you need it?

Hosted Microsoft Exchange
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Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Hosted Exchange

Let GEEX move you seamlessly from your current in-house Exchange email server to your new Hosted Microsoft Exchange email and you’ll enjoy –

  • Lower energy bills and no server maintenance fees
  • No hardware or software licences to constantly sort out because your service will now be cloud-based
  • 99.9% guarantee for uptime – so you’re assured of a fantastically reliable service
  • Access to your emails from anywhere and by any device from smartphones to desktop computers
  • Microsoft Exchange upgrades and updates are scheduled in at no extra cost to you so you’ll always be up to date

Switching to a Hosted Microsoft Exchange is a breeze because from the user’s side of things, it won’t look any different. You’ll still get all the great functionality that you’ve been used to – such as automated data backup, calendar sharing, anti-virus and spam protection, and shared public folders. So while you enjoy ease of use, we’ll be supporting you with great customer service, and support via phone, email or in-person should you need it.

If you’re ready to make the move, or you’d like to find out a bit more about why your business should, please give the GEEX team a call today.

We’ll be happy to talk through any questions and help you make the right choice.