Advances in technology mean that, if you’ve got the right system in place, you can access all of your important files and documents easily and effortlessly from locations all around the world. On the train to work? No problem. At an internet café in Kuala Lumpur? Yes, of course. From home while you’re waiting for your boiler to be fixed? Easy. Wherever there’s internet access and a device, with our cloud computing you can be up and running with your work files in no time.

At GEEX, we’ve been implementing cloud services for businesses just like yours. Whether you’re a small business just looking to make working in different locations easier, or a larger business that needs to manage a bigger workforce – our expert team will be able to put together the right cloud computing service for you.

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Cloud computing gets rid of the need for costly office hardware and the restrictive, old-fashioned ways of working which mean you always had to be at your desk. With our cloud computing service, you’ll be accessing your files and documents from our cutting-edge cloud service. Perhaps you simply want to be able to access your email wherever you are – the GEEX team will happily put together a cloud email package for you. Or maybe you need something a little more comprehensive, and need a cloud computing solution for multiple offices with numerous staff. It doesn’t matter what your situation, we’ll craft a solution that works for you and gives you what you need.

GEEX cloud technology allows you and your staff to access files wherever you happen to be as long as there’s an internet connection. But there are more ‘behind the scenes’ benefits too – you’ll be enjoying a fully managed service with little capital investment, as well as upgrades, support, and different payment plans to suit you.

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