Cheap Leasing Apple Laptops

Not all SME (Small and Medium size Enterprises), sole proprietors, and individuals may really want to invest heavily into technology for the simple reason that their budget does not permit it. Another reason why people hesitate to purchase expensive computers is that technology changes virtually everyday and they do not want to be left holding on to obsolete machines or software.

On the other hand a good machine that brings precision, accuracy, and speed to the table is a primary requirement of every SME, start-up, or sole entrepreneur. This conflict of requirements results in something of a paradox. On the one hand you need a good machine while on the other you do not have the means to buy it.

Geex resolves this conflict by bringing you cheap leasing of Apple Laptops. You can easily get a MacBook Pro, MacBook Retina, MacBook Air, or other Apple products at affordable rates. What is more you have the option to upgrade to a newer machine at the end of the lease term (usually 3 years). Leasing also fits right into your budget and helps you predict your expenses leaving funds free for more important purchases and increasing your working capital.

How the Geex Lease Meets your Needs

Geex Lease brings you many more advantages apart from low pricing and technology updates. For example the three year Apple Care package comes bundled into the Geex lease. We also train your employees and provide you full technical support from both our own experts as well as experts at Apple. Thus you gain more than 10 years of experience along with your Apple Laptop.

You have the option to purchase the product, renew the lease or upgrade to a better machine at the end of the term. In case you decide to purchase, you know the purchase price right at the start since is decided at the time of taking the lease giving you a clear idea of your future expenses.

You can select your option anytime after a period of 18 months from the commencement of the lease.

In case you need your product in the middle of a quarter, your lease term will commence at the beginning of the next quarter giving you free use of the equipment for the remainder of the current quarter.

Once your credit has been verified and all the paper work complete, we will deliver your machine within 48 hours barring exceptional circumstances.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of leasing Apple Laptops from Geex is that you can fit your expenses around the use of the equipment. It also allows you a great deal of flexibility in fulfilling your technological requirements.

You can take new equipment on lease when the need arises instead of purchasing in advance. The lease term can be adjusted to your specific requirements allowing you to use the equipment when required and pay only for the time you use it.

Our team will be happy to visit you and help you chart out your financing for Apple Laptops and more.

Call Geex now for your personalized lease agreement.

Three Easy Steps To Leasing With Geex

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