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The MacBook Pro is one of the most sought after laptops because of its ability to manage multiple activities powered by its Gen4 processors. With resolutions up to 2880x1800, the MacBook pro is the ideal companion of the creative mind. Creating pictures, videos, and much more is easy and extremely precise on the MacBook pro with its Retina Display and high precision graphics. For business computations, data storage, content creation and much more, the Apple MacBook pro is a wonderful machine. Few other laptops can compete with this superb computer.

Unfortunately the MacBook pro is also one of the more expensive laptops.

The best deals on MacBook pro come from financing. Geex brings you this wonderful business machine on easy finance which resolves your budgetary challenges and makes the laptop affordable.

There are 3 major advantages of financing –

    Lower Price

    Lower Risk

    Better Options


Purchase of a computer such as the MacBook Pro can leave a big hole in your pocket. You may find yourself cutting costs for months after purchasing just one such laptop. Financing allows you to plan your budget since you know your expense in advance.

At Geex we do not need any down payment to finance your MacBook Pro. So you gain economic advantage right from the start.

Since you know your expenses in advance, there is no need for a “rainy day fund”. You can plan your budget accurately since there is no need to set aside funds for repairs, upgrades and such other expenses.

Businesses that use up-to-date technology have better sales turnover as compared to those that use obsolete or outdated technology. In the contemporary scenario there are rapid advances in technology and financing helps you stay abreast. Short term leases allow you to upgrade to newer technology with very little additional expense. Financing does away with the risk of depreciation and obsolescence giving your business an edge over the competition.

Channelling your already limited finances into purchasing expensive equipment can mean a visit to the bargain section for other needs. This means compromising on quality which can seriously affect your business and hamper progress. Financing your technological hardware such as laptops, will open up more avenues for other business purchases and helps you operate at full potential.

Geex finance is easy to obtain and comes with full support and warranty backed by Apple Care.

The Geex finance package includes –

    All payments decided in advance

    Delivery of the MacBook Pro within 48 hours of completing all documentation

    Free training for use of hardware and software

    Hardware Warranty for 3 years

    Free technical support for 3 years

    Apple Care Certificate included in the finance package

    Option to upgrade to a newer model of hardware at the end of the lease term

    Option to upgrade to newer version of software at the end of the lease term

    Option for purchase of the equipment at the end of 18 months


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