Benefits of Leasing Equipment

What are the benefits of leasing?

Apart from the usual benefits such as tax deductions and the opportunity to explore new technology, there are multiple benefits of leasing equipment, and it has a distinct edge over renting or purchasing equipment. Let us take a look.

Capital Outlay HeavyModerateLow
Flexibility NoneModerateHigh
Recurring Costs NoneSmallSmall
Warranty ManufacturerManufacturer with 2 support options Manufacturer with 2 support options
Support By purchasing support Ad-hoc or Under the all-inclusive GEEX SupportAd-hoc or Under the all-inclusive GEEX Support
Cost of Upgrades HighNoneNone
Ownership CompleteTemporaryPartial
Budget Friendly YesYesYes
Tax Efficient NoYesYes
Obsolescence Cost HeavyNoneNone
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