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Apple has won the hearts and minds of so many people over the last decade or so with their exquisite phones, laptops and tablets. iPads are still one of the peoples favourite items to purchase. They are portable, easy to carry and help you to finish so many tasks on the go. Apple iPads are great for business and  personal use and come highly recommended because of the finesse of the manufacturing and their impeccable efficiency.

Apple have released two new models of iPads recently so here we will discuss their features and benefits and how the leasing of iPads can be more useful than buying them outright. Getting ipad finance is something you should give careful consideration to and we can help you reach the right decision for your particular circumstances.

IPad Pro

iPad pro is a 12.9 inch device which is a much larger screen than iPad Air 2. iPad Pro is only 6.9mm thick and weighs just over 1.5 pounds which, compared to iPad Air 2, is lighter. At first glance the device resembles iPad Air 2 but the hardware is so much better. Being light weight with a huge screen compared to other tablets, iPad Pro has a unique set of applications which enhances the usage and makes it well worth getting your hands on one.

It has a M9 motion processor and has 64 bit chip. It has 1.8 times quicker functionality in terms of CPU tasks and even excels in GPU tasking. The display uses 5.6 million pixels which is one of the very best among all Apple devices. The resolution is 2732 x 2048 which equates to 226 pixels per inch. The iPad Pro has an excellent 10 hour long battery life and has a “visible refresh rate” which is a cool new feature. This will certainly help to save power when the device has static images displayed on it.

iPad Air

iPad Air is superbly light in weight and is extremely sleek and slim. This device is just under 20% thinner and the device feels positively featherlike as it weighs less than a pound. iPad Air has a magnificent resolution of 2048 x 1536 with 264 pixels per inch. It uses up to 3.1 million pixels making the display really extraordinary. You’ll love the 9.7 inch screen which really enhances the user experience with its antireflective coat. iPad Air has a 10 hour battery life and 64 bit architecture. It sports a CPU functionality which is 40% faster and more powerful.

These two devices, with their fantastic properties and various new features, make them an ideal choice for business people and professionals who like to accomplish more in less time.

Why lease iPads instead of buying?

Leasing equipment and devices instead of buying has tremendous benefits for the consumer/user. First of all, it saves a great deal of money and it’s preferable to getting an ipad on credit. It will also help you save a lot of time and you won’t have to worry about broken screens or faults becasue the warranty will cover you.

At Geex we will provide you with new equipment on a regular basis keeping you up-to-date and you will have easy to manage fixed term payments to spread the cost. If you need a number of iPads for your business then leasing is an excellent option for you. Contact us now to discuss the iPad leasing deals that we have available.


Apple iPads, Apple iPad Finance, iPad Leasing, Rental and Hire

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