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Rent to own Apple Mac computer equipment with GEEX is simple and fast.

GEEX have been working with computers and Apple equipment for over 10 years and are able to provide a GEEX Apple leasing UK. We have anything from the amazing Apple Mac leasing, no credit check, to rent a Mac laptop and have them configured to the spec you require.

All Apple leasing options for business can be configured to your own requirements and software can also be included in your lease package. All GEEX leases allow you to keep the equipment at the end of the lease if you wish to do so.

Just simply choose the Apple Mac Hire you require and add any options available from the options tab and we will provide you with a weekly lease price. A cheap lease can be paid monthly or quarterly and is flexible to how long you wish to have it for from 2 years to 3 years (please call for 2-year prices).

Apple Mac Pro Finance

All our Apple MacBook Leasing equipment comes with 3 years GEEX support and also 3 years AppleCare to provide you with full coverage throughout the lease period. You can choose to contact one of the engineers to help you resolve a problem or you can call AppleCare direct for assistance – The choice is yours. If you have any hardware issues we can arrange for the mac rental UK equipment to be picked up and repaired and loan equipment provided if you are on the Super GEEX support package or you are free to take to your nearest Apple computer leasing repair centre.

All GEEX Leases allow you to upgrade your equipment after a certain time. With Apple equipment, you are allowed an upgrade to new equipment after 24 months. A member from the GEEX renewals team will contact you closer to your 24 month period and offer you an upgrade for your equipment and the option to return the old equipment for new equipment. The option will include a quotation for you to update your equipment to a newer updated version of your current equipment and keep hold of your old equipment for a new monthly cost. With Apple equipment, the renewal option would also include a quote for the business to trade in the old equipment and have a decrease in the lease costs.

A GEEX lease will allow you to keep up to date with the latest equipment and get it fully supported throughout the lease IMac period.

If you are still unsure or have any questions about how the iMac business lease works or require a different specification of equipment – then please call our Apple business financing sales team on 0121 285 0098 or email