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Stay updated with Apple Leasing at Geex! Lease any Apple equipment such as Laptop, Computer, iPad or more and swap it at the end of three years for a newer model.

Why Lease

With an outright purchase your older models become dead stock and you have to pay upfront for newer models. Apple equipment such as the MacBook is usually expensive because they offer the best in the industry. Leasing gives you the opportunity to stay ahead of the game with the latest equipment. You can always trade in your older equipment for newer models at the end of the lease period (usually 3 years). Your expenses become predictable and hence more budget friendly. If you decide you no longer require a particular device, you can choose not to renew the lease. Best of all, you get to keep the device without having to pay for it all at one go – and with a warranty to boot! Moreover leasing offers you tax benefits and cuts down on capital expenditure.

Why Geex

At Geex we have no upfront payment for leasing – though there may be an occasional exception to this rule. Lease periods are usually 3 years though we do have options for 1, 2, and 4 year leases.

All lease agreements come with 3 year Apple Care for all Apple equipment along with full support from Geex. You can call our qualified experts at any time for updates, guidance, or troubleshooting.

Click here to see the equipment available with lease options.

Three Easy Steps To Leasing With Geex

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